Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown
Diversity Trends LLC

Tracy Brown is a nationally recognized expert and author whose clients rely on her advice about leadership development, diversity strategy and employee engagement. Her company, [intentional inclusion inc] has provided training to more than 400,000 people and she has been recognized twice for Innovation in Diversity by the Celebrate Diversity Awards sponsored by Ernst & Young.

Tracy believes diversity is not a problem to be fixed; it is a resource to be utilized. Whether working with executives on strategic challenges, blue-collar employees focused on practical skills, or any group in between, the feedback is consistent. Tracy makes it easy to talk about diversity and inclusion and helps individuals and organizations use diversity as a resource while creating a culture of inclusion.

Tracy is an accomplished speaker and author of 10 books who is known for her ability to engage people in sensitive conversations. Her interactive presentation style is engaging and encourages participants to take personal responsibility for making change in their lives and in their organizations. She has produced or hosted six different internet radio programs since 2006 and has been featured in Texas Business Monthly, Dallas CEO, HR Magazine, Money Magazine and many other publications.

Her 2015 TEDxTalk: “What is Mine to Do?” has received much recognition and led to a book, journal and Facebook group focused on helping people take individual responsibility for creating more respect and equity in the world.

In addition to her business experience, Tracy has served as a board or advisory council member for more than a dozen professional associations or nonprofit organizations. She co-founded Dallas Dinner Table (Healing Race Relations One Dinner at a Time) and co-designed The Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership curriculum sponsored by Southern Methodist University and The Center for Nonprofit Management. Tracy most recently served two ters as the Vice Chair of the international governing body for Centers for Spiritual Living.