Meet the Founder

Dennis Kennedy has an unwavering passion to ensure that all individuals receive equal opportunities in the workplace regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation. He founded the National Diversity Council to champion diversity as a business imperative, with a primary goal to turn all communities into inclusive environments where individuals are valued for their talents and unique characteristics and have opportunities to reach their full potential. In addition, he is a consultant in the following fields: Workforce Diversity, Mentoring and Personal Branding.

The first branch of the National Diversity Council — the Texas Diversity Council — launched in February 2004. Since then, state councils have also been established in California, Florida, and the Midwest. The websites are: National Diversity Council, Texas Diversity Council, Florida Diversity Council, Kansas Diversity Council and California Diversity Council. His vision is to have state and regional diversity councils across the United States.

Along with the state councils, Mr. Kennedy has launched several state wide conferences focused on both leadership and diversity. Currently there are conferences taking place in the following states: Ohio, Texas, California, Florida, Kansas, Virginia and Washington. The websites include: Texas Diversity Conference, Ohio Diversity Conference, California Conference, Florida Conference, Midwest Conference, DMV Diversity and Leadership Conference and Washington Conference.

Some additional websites that belong to Mr. Kennedy include: Mentoring Programs, DiversityFIRST™ Jobs, Diversity Consulting, Texas Diversity Magazine and Florida Diversity Magazine.

Furthermore, Mr. Kennedy spent several years as a college professor at the following universities: University of Houston Downtown, Texas Southern University and University of Texas at San Antonio. Some of the courses he taught include: Business Statistics, Economics, HR Management, Compensation Management and Diversity Management. All courses were taught in the business school. He also spent 5 years working in a corporate environment in the field of Human Resources.

Mr. Kennedy graduated from the University of Houston Main Campus (UofH) with undergraduate degrees in economics, business management and political science; he also earned a MBA from University of Houston Main Campus. In addition, as an undergraduate student at UofH, he was a scholarship athlete for football.

Meet Dennis Kennedy

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