DiversityFIRST™ Leadership


The DiversityFIRST™ Leadership Award is awarded annually to those who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in the promotion and advancement of diversity through inclusion and strong leadership. Nominations should reflect efforts and achievements in the field of diversity and inclusion by individuals, businesses, corporations, community groups or non-profit organizations. The efforts and achievements must have been demonstrated through specific work with other individuals or groups, or through a specific product, initiative, innovative program or activity that has a visible, tangible, or measurable impact on the perception of, attitude toward, and respect for a truly inclusive environment, where individuals are valued for their talent and able to reach their full potential.

Each nomination should represent and describe the diversity-related activities accomplished in the following areas of focus: Workforce Diversity, Supplier Diversity, Multicultural Outreach, and Community Involvement.

Corporate DiversityFIRST™ Leadership


  • Developed and implemented an effective equal opportunity program or initiative as demonstrated by a diversified work force in which all persons are afforded opportunities for employment and upward mobility, regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other prohibited basis of discrimination.
  • Exhibited visionary and insightful leadership to confront and resolve inequities through strategic decision-making, allocation of resources, and establishment of priorities.
  • Enhanced the quality of life of the community for the improvement of equal opportunity and for the provision of greater access to government and government services by multiracial and multicultural populations and increased citizen participation in government or community activities by all segments of the community.
  • Demonstrated a consistent pattern of an organizational commitment to the recruitment and retention of individuals of underrepresented populations.
  • Cultivated and promoted or promotes diversity initiatives that establish and foster a more inclusive and equitable work and learning environment.
  • Demonstrated continued corporate responsibility by devoting resources for the improvement of the community-at-large.

Individual DiversityFIRST™ Leadership

Earning this award is evidence of the individual’s level of commitment to effectively valuing and managing diversity to achieve excellence, and make a positive difference in their organizations and communities.


  • A track record of balanced decision-making and an appreciation for multiple perspectives.
  • A breadth of perspectives, a range of experiences that reflect flexibility, and the ability to transcend narrow experiences and issues.
  • A demonstrated ability to value and respect diverse points of view and varied ways to approach issues and topics.
  • A leadership level in the organization of a decision-maker who has responsibility for profit and loss and influences other business results.