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CEO Champions of Diversity Leadership Award

The awards are given to CEOs that along with all other aspects of business are Champions of their organizations’ diversity and inclusion efforts. The goal with the CEO Initiative is to aim and shed light to the fact that it is those organizations that have support from leadership at the top who execute the most effective and bottom line driven initiatives. These CEOs are innovators, visionaries, with exemplary leadership that make them role models within their companies as well as in their communities.

The CEO will participate in a CEO Roundtable as well as will receive his/her award during the Annual Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference.


All Fortune 1,000 companies doing business in Texas as well as other employers with an employee base over 1000 are invited to submit their nomination. Please note that you do not need to be a member of the TXDC to join the nominations process. We kindly ask that all nominations be complete and have attached all supporting material.

By submitting your nomination, you are acknowledging that your CEO will be available to participate in the CEO Roundtable and Award ceremony scheduled during the Annual Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference.

Criteria for Selection

Please contact Angeles Valenciano to obtain a nomination form and selection criteria at angeles.valenciano@texasdiversitycouncil.org. Should you need more detailed information please contact Ms. Valenciano directly at 210-573-7551.