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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board directs the local diversity council. The Advisory Board is made up of officers and also chairpersons who oversee committees.

Officer Positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

Committees and Chairpersons

Activities and Events Committee — To identify and plan activities and events in support of the Council’s Vision, Mission, and Goals such as

  • Diversity Forums
  • Diversity Luncheons
  • Diversity Symposiums (i.e. Women’s Symposium)
  • DiversityFirst Coalition
  • Board Retreats/Meetings
  • Community Involvement
  • Other Programs
Communications Committee — To provide consistent, continuous, and timely information about the Council’s activities internally and externally to be successful in achieving desired results. PR/Marketing could be included as a subset of this committee, using the following as resource tools.

  • Web Site
  • Newsletter
  • Magazine
  • Others
Education Committee — To provide information and forums for the exchange thereof to enhance an appreciation for and understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion. Also, to develop and implement initiatives/programs in support of the Council’s Vision, Mission, and Goals. The following activities could be included in this committee.

  • Executive Roundtable
  • Affinity Groups
  • DiversityFirst Coalition
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership
Membership Committee — To attract, retain, and rotate as appropriate to maintain the viability of the Board. The activities that could be included in this committee are:

  • Recruiting
  • Retaining
  • Nominating

In order to qualify to be a member of the Advisory Board, your organization must be a sponsor of the TXDC. However, anyone can be a member of one of these committees without your organization being a sponsor. If you are interested in joining one of the committees mentioned above, click here.

Advisory Boards